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Custom Instructions Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet, divided into different use cases, includes free text prompts that the UX Writing Assistant knows how to digest into effective content suggestions. These prompts should be inserted in the Custom instructions text input.

💡 Use the Rewrite feature guide to learn more on how to use custom instructions.

Sentence Structure

  • Start with… - Start with "<Prefix>"...
  • End with… - End with "<Suffix>"...
  • Using a template - Use this structure and fill in one word only between the double curly braces: {{Action}} {{Noun}}?
  • Keywords that work as placeholders: Action, Object, Noun, Verb
  • Phrasing - Phrase as a <question|action|command>


  • Blocklist (List all words that you’d like to avoid using, separated by “or”) - Avoid using the terms "<Term1>" or "<Term2>" in all plural types and casing options, replace with synonyms
  • Promote specific terms - When relevant, use the terms as synonyms in all of their forms: "<Term1>", "<Term2>", "<Term3>"
  • Use simple language - Use jargon-free, non-technical language


  • Character limit - Limit to <Count> characters maximum


  • Use British English - Use British English

💡 Have a prompt that works great but not listed here? Send it to hi@frontitude.com
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