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UX Writing Assistant by Frontitude - Improve your user experience with AI-powered copy | Product Hunt
UX Writing Assistant by Frontitude - Improve your user experience with AI-powered copy | Product Hunt

The AI writing assistant for design teams

Write engaging and consistent UX content effortlessly with the power of AI, without leaving Figma.

4000+ teams have used our UX Writing Assistant to deliver better user experience

Say hello to your UX writing
copilot in Figma

It's like having a wordsmith teammate who is familiar with your content guidelines, accessible instantly in Figma.

Empower your team to write perfect copy

Brainstorm and get copy suggestions inspired by world-class products and best practices. Quickly apply them to your design without leaving Figma and save hours of writing time every week.

Deliver consistent UX content, without the hassle

When it comes to enforcing your guidelines, style guides don't cut it. By using a built-in integration, content guidelines are finally part of your design system, allowing everyone to write consistently.

Streamline design reviews and critiques

Embedding content guidelines into your design components allows you to scan designs for content violations within seconds, shortening review cycles and saving a lot of review time.

All your product copy and translation in one place

Works great with the Frontitude platform

Create team guidelines that connect with your design system and allow everyone on the team write consistently.

Product and content designers just love it

"The writing assistant is helpful for writing concise material for complex content topics."

Nick Rudemiller

Senior Design Manager, Jetty

"Top tip: Frontitude's UX Writing Assistant helps me generate ideas and rewrite copy into shorter snippets."

Bevan Nicol

Senior UX Writer, Trustly

"The UX Writing Assistant is a lifeline for UX designers who are not great at writing, designers who would rather design than write, or designers who don’t have time to write engaging UX copy. The way it integrates with Figma, without having to copy and paste or open a separate app, is pretty neat."

Lisa Hamilton

User Assistance Manager, Axiom

"Our team started using this UX copy writing tool and it’s been super helpful!"

Brittney Day

UI/UX Designer, Axiom

"This Figma plugin was built for UX writers, and you can tell. Recently, I was stuck on a 404 Error Message so I inputted my copy, selected the tone I wanted the message to convey, and even saved it in my library so that I could reuse it for future strings!"

Gelsey Latonio

UX Writer, Everflow

"Frontitude speeds up our workflow, which is great for sprints with short timelines."

Nemos Kostoulas

Digital Innovation Manager, David Lloyd Leisure

"As a solo Product Designer in a start-up, I experience day-to-day challenges. One of them is to maintain a consistent voice-of-product using UX writing. Fortunately, Frontitude's UX Writing Assistant helped me to overcome this challenge. I highly recommend it 🤩"

Noam Carmel

Product Designer, Entor

"I've tried a number of different AI-powered UX writing plugins for Figma. One of the few I continue to find useful is the UX Writing Assistant plugin from Frontitude."

Joe Armstrong

Content Design Manager, ATB Financial

"I like how you can embed your own style guidelines into the plugin. A great tool to use when writer's block gets the best of you."

Stephanie Elie

Staff Content Designer, Procore

"A fantastic AI-powered copywriting assistant Figma plug-in that makes life so much easier for anyone having to write content! You should give it a try."

Paul Chen

Product Designer, Jetty

"The end of writer's block is here! Frontitude's Writing Assistant helps me generate my messy thoughts into clean copy on off-days, and fine-tune already well-crafted words on great days. A win-win-win!"

Maithe van Luijk

Senior Product Designer, The Guru Agency

"It provides new ideas which can be really helpful. It is like an additional brain in a team!"


Product Designer

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Save writing time and deliver consistent UX content fast, without leaving Figma.


How is UX Writing Assistant different from other AI tools?

The UX Writing Assistant stands out from other AI tools in several significant ways, particularly as the tool was created by the team at Frontitude, a company renowned for its extensive expertise in UX copy management and it’s focus on product copy. Here are the unique features that set it apart:

• Business context: The UX Writing Assistant collects information about your business and target audience using a short survey upon your sign-up. It will ensure that the generated copy resonates with your target audience.

• Design context: Most AI tools are isolated from the context. The AI Writing Assistant is a Figma plugin that delivers copy suggestions based on your design elements, taking into consideration character limits and length.

• Product copy: The AI Writing Assistant is focused on delivering product copy and provides you with copy that follows UX writing best practices and trends.

Who needs a seat on the UX Writing Assistance?

Anyone who needs to use the Figma plugin for generating content suggestions with the Rewrite feature or creating guidelines must have a paid seat. Having a seat within a team account allows team members to write content while maintaining consistency by following the same shared guidelines.

What is a Guideline?

A Guideline is a set of instructions (or rules, if you prefer) that can be interpreted by our AI model and linked to design system components in Figma. With Guidelines, teams can effortlessly incorporate content guidelines into their design system, enabling them to produce consistent UX content at scale ten times faster.

What data is shared with the UX Writing Assistance?

Our top priority is protecting your data privacy. Rest assured that we do not utilize any of your data to train or enhance our services. The data you provide is solely used to enhance the suggestions generated by our AI tool.

We are committed to delivering a secure product and have taken extensive measures to ensure the safety of your information. Our team comprises senior engineering architects who possess expertise in cyber-security. The plugin is built on a secure AWS infrastructure, adhering to industry-leading security best practices. We have invested considerable time and effort to create a robust and protected environment for your data.

Do I need to sign in to use the plugin?

Yes, you are required to sign in to your Frontitude account to use the tool.

How do I install the UX Writing Assistant plugin on Figma?

To install the UX Writing Assistant plugin, you have two options. First, you can search for and install the plugin from the Figma community by clicking "Try it now."

Alternatively, you can install the plugin directly from your Figma files by following one of these steps: Right-click the canvas > Plugins > Find more plugins, click File menu > Plugins > Find more pluginsUse quick actions > Find more plugins.

How does the UX Writing Assistant work with the Frontitude platform?

Currently the UX Writing Assistant operates independently from Frontitude's platform. We are actively considering the most effective approach to integrate it seamlessly with the rest of Frontitude's offering. Please contact us if you have any specific questions about it hi@frontitude.com.

How does the UX Writing Assistant grab context to generate content suggestions?

As you open the UX Writing Assistant plugin, you will be asked to complete a brief onboarding questionnaire. The UX Writing Assistant will generate content based on the information provided as well as on the selected text element in Figma. We do not collect anything from your designs but the selected texts that are required for generating content suggestions.

Does the UX Writing Assistant use my content to learn and improve?

No. All of your content is kept private and used only to generate content suggestions. It is not being used to improve our model. You can view our Data Collection Statement for more information.

Can I trust the UX Writing Assistant to generate grammatically correct suggestions?

Yes. The content suggestions are generated by an LLM that is knowledgeable about proper English grammar. You can be confident that the suggestions are ready to use.

What is the pricing of UX Writing Assistant?

You can lean about the pricing and plans on our pricing page. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us through the website chat or drop us an email to hi@frontitude.com.

What languages are currently supported?

The UX Writing Assistant currently supports English only, but in the near future the tool will support generating product copy in any language your product supports, allowing you to reach a global audience with high-quality UX content.