May 23, 2023

Introducing Frontitude’s AI-Powered UX Writing Assistant! 🚀

We’re excited to introduce Frontitude’s brand-new UX Writing Assistant: The Figma plugin that lets you craft and refine your product’s copy, 10x faster, using AI-powered copy suggestions.

Frontitude's UX writing assistant for Figma

With the UX Writing Assistant, you can easily:

✍️ Generate industry-inspired copy suggestions, tailored to your target users and product's voice and tone.

✅ Apply UX Writing best practices to improve user experience and guide users through your product.

💫 Save the copy into a single list to improve the assistant's performance and quickly reuse it in the future.

Read the official announcement to get the full story and visit our Plugin page in Figma.

Live in Product Hunt: We launched the UX Writing Assistant in Product Hunt, check out our launch page!

Team Frontitude
Team Frontitude
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